Electrifying Insights: West Texas EV Roadshow Recap 🚗⚡


We brought a convoy of electric vehicles to West Texas to champion the EV transition and highlight opportunities for folks to participate in the benefits.

TxETRA hosted this roadshow last month and our mission was clear: enlighten West Texas’ public and private sectors about the economic potential of electric vehicles. We updated community leaders on EV resources, shared best practices, and encouraged them to apply for grants and incentives.

The event was a resounding success! We gained significant media attention, forged valuable ties with local officials, and paved the way for a brighter EV future in Texas. 

A few of our favorites:

“We recognize that the Permian and West Texas is the heart of oil and gas country, but as conservatives, we’re here to tell conservatives in West Texas that its OK to be for electric vehicles…it means jobs for Texans, it means a greater stronger supply chain for all the parts,” said Matt Welch, State Director of Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation

“It’s a change that’s going to come because they’re simply better vehicles,” said Tom “Smitty” Smith, executive director of the Texas Electric Transportation Resource Alliance. “They’re cheaper to own, more fun to drive, and they don’t break down nearly as often.”

“In the towns that have the electric vehicle chargers, folks are going to go there to charge their vehicles,” said Jessica Keithan, Co-Founder and Director of the Texas Electric School Bus Project. “They’re going to stop and they’re going to get out and they’re going to shop in the local shops…And that money is coming to communities across the state.”

The road show generated over 20 press hits, 500k views, and over $20k in ad equivalency value. We’ve made a select few clips available for download in high res here.

What They’re Saying

“The San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Brenda Gunter, Judge Lane Carter and other economic development supporters were on hand to welcome the Texas Electric Transportation Resource Alliance EV Fleet.  The Chamber was pleased to host this informative look at EV’s and highlight the community efforts needed to support this new mode of transportation.  A big west Texas thank you from San Angelo to the TxETRA EV team.  You delivered a fun and informative introduction to EV’s and how each community can support their use and development.” – Michael Looney, Vice President of Economic Development, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce

 “The Odessa Chamber was pleased to host the Electrify Texas roadshow as they made their way through the Permian Basin. As the energy center of the world, it’s important that we maximize all forms available to us, be it oil, gas, wind, solar and electric. This roadshow allowed attendees to learn more about potential money-saving programs and grant dollars available to help their business consider ever-changing transportation options.” – Renee Henderson Earls, President, Odessa Chamber of Commerce


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