Our Team

Buzz Smith

Executive Director

Buzz Smith, transitioning from a 10-year oil & gas career to electric vehicles (EVs) after a life-changing 2012 car accident, emerged as Texas’ leading EV salesperson. He pioneered “Electric Avenue,” Texas’ first EV showroom, and continues concentrating on EV advocacy and education with Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (TxETRA).

Laura Morrison

Education Fund Executive Director

Laura Morrison directs Texas EV Allance’s 501(c) “sister” organization, which focuses on electric transportation education and access, with a focus on equitable EV adoption, infrastructure, and fleet transitions. A former Lockheed engineer, she served two terms on the Austin City Council, overseeing Austin Energy, and holds degrees in mathematics and public health.

Amanda Alandzes

Director of Administration

Amanda Alandzes oversees member relations for Texas EV Alliance, handles administrative matters of the business, and is the editor of the Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (TxETRA) monthly newsletter. Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and was the festival coordinator of Earth Day Austin 2022, with a clear passion for sustainability and doing good for the environment.