Legislative Advocacy

Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (TxETRA) is an alliance of EV owners, manufacturers, charging companies, transportation industry members, and community advocates to promote policies that increase access to electric vehicles and encourage adoption.

Collaboration with State Agencies

Current Projects

  • Monthly Policy Meetings – An opportunity to connect with other stakeholders and advocates in the industry and stay up to date with what’s happening in EV policy and business in Texas.
  • Community Outreach – A collaborative approach to making EV adoption and charging accessible to everyone, everywhere.
  • Roadshows – A road trip to Texas towns raising awareness about EV grants and funding opportunities.
  • Briefings for Legislators/State Agencies – Fast and digestible crash courses on EV technology, best practices, and industry standards.
  • Strategic Communication – Debunking misinformation about EVs, increasing understanding of how they work, and framing how they can fit into our infrastructure.